Confirmed Talks

Scientific opportunities for 4th Generation Storage Ring Light Sources

Harry Westfahl Jr. LNLS

Building the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams

Thomas Glasmacher MSU

Women in Science: an inconvenient truth WISE

Marcia Barbosa UFRGS

Review of high brightness photo injectors

Houjun Qian DESY

Future directions for particle physics in the US

Young-Kee Kim University of Chicago

The Path to High Power FEL

Norbert Holtkamp SLAC

High power proton sources for neutrino science

Eduard Pozdeyev FNAL

A few of my favorite formulas

Kaoru Yokoya KEK

Accelerator needs for materials research: Opportunities for synergistic collaboration

John Sarrao LANL

Amazonia and climate change: a complex relationship critical for our future. Closing Plenary

Paulo Artaxo USP

Operational Electron Cooling in the Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collider

Alexei Fedotov BNL

Physics and technology challenges in generating high intensity positron beams

Iryna Chaikovska LAL

Successful crabbing of proton beams

Rama Calaga CERN

Combined effect of beam-beam interaction and beam coupling impedance in future circular colliders

Yuan Zhang IHEP

Generation of High-Brightness Self-seeded X-ray Free Electron Laser

Chang-Ki Min PAL

Review of Superconducting radio frequency gun

Rong Xiang HZDR

Enhanced seeded free electron laser performance with a ?cold? electron beam

Giuseppe Penco ELETTRA

APS-U Project

R. Hettel ANL

Advances in beam stability in low-emittance synchrotron light sources

Guimei Wang NSLS-II/BNL

Commissioning and restart of ESRF-EBS


Full energy injection from the SACLA into the SPring-8 storage ring

Hirokazu Maesaka RIKEN

Sirius Commissioning Results and Operation Status

Fernando Henrique de Sá LNLS

Harmonic RF cavities and instabilities in storage rings

Marco Venturini LBNL

Cascaded THz-driven acceleration with record energy gain

Hanxun Xu Tsinghua University

Precision control of plasma wakefields for highly efficient and energy-spread preserving electron acceleration

Sarah Schroeder DESY

Improved lifetime of a high spin polarization superlattice photocathode

Luca Cultrera Cornell University

Recent results and future perspectives for high quality electron beams from plasma accelerators

Riccardo Pompili INFN-LNF

The ESS elliptical cavity cryomdoule production

Catherine Madec CEA-IRFU

Upgrading J-PARC Accelerator for Hyper Kamiokande Project

Yiochi Sato J-PARC KEK

The Interstellar Space in an electrostatic cryogenic storage ring

Robert Von Hahan MPI-K

The Multi-User Upgrade of the Superconducting Ion Linac, ATLAS

Brahim Mustapha ANL

Beyond RMS: Understanding the Evolution of Beam Distributions in High Intensity Linacs

Kiersten Ruisard Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Simultaneous Top-up injection into four storage rings at SuperKEKB

Masanori Satoh KEK

First results of the IOTA ring research at Fermilab

Alexander Valishev FNL

Progress Towards Realisation of Steady-State Microbunching at the Metrology Light Source

Joerg Feikes HZB / Elektronen-Speicherring BESSY II

Advances in understanding of ion effects in electron storage rings

Joseph Calvey APS

Progress in mastering electron clouds at the Large Hadron Collider

Giovanni Iadarola CERN

Beam Dynamics Optimization in High-Brightness Electron Injectors

Chad Mitchell LBL

The micro bunching instability and evolving technologies

Miriam Brosi KIT

3D tracking of a single electron in IOTA

Aleksandr Romanov FNAL

Superconducting radio-frequency cavity fault classification using machine learning at Jefferson Laboratory

Chris Tennant JLab

Beam arrival stability at the European XFEL

Marie Kristin Czwalinna DESY

Non invasive bunch length measurements exploiting Cherenkov diffraction radiation

Stefano Mazzoni CERN

High precision RF control for particle accelerators and Qbits

Gang Huang LBL

Next generation sensor systems for online beam diagnostics

Meghana Patil KIT

Copper based radio frequency structures: are we at the end of road for this technology?

Sami Tantawi SLAC

Development of 36 GHz RF systems for RF linearisers

Alejandro Castilla CERN

The progress of the in-vacuum superconducting undulator prototype for SHINE project

Qiaogen Zhou SHINE

The LCLS-II-HE R&D Program - New Insights into Improving the Performance of Nitrogen-Doped SRF Cavities

Dan Gonnella SLAC

Fabrication and test challenges of the SC transport solenoid for Mu2e experiment

Mike Lamm FNAL

Fast reactive tuners for SRF cavities

Nick Shipman CERN

Cold Powering Systems - MgB2 based high-current power transmission lines for the HL-LHC magnets: from concept to prototype validation

Amalia Ballarino CERN

Evolution of high-power spallation mercury target at the SNS

Drew Winder ORNL-SNS

Transformative Technology for FLASH Radiation Therapy

Carol Johnstone Fermilab

Enhancing particle beam therapy through the use of mixed ion beams

Simon Jolly IC

Beam background measurements at SuperKEKB/Belle-II in 2020

Hiroyuki Nakayama KEK

Study of Pb-Pb and Pb-p Collision Debris in the CERN LHC in view of HL-LHC operation

Marta Sabate-Gilarte CERN

The RCS Design status for the Electron Ion Collider

Vahid Houston Ranjbar BNL

Reconstructing LHC Beam Profiles With Passive Ghost Imaging

Daniel Ratner SLAC

Record High Extraction Efficiency of Free Electron Laser Oscillator

Heishun Zen Kyoto University

Commissioning results of LCLS-II MHz repetition rate electron source

Feng Zhou SLAC

Coherent Radiation From Inverse Compton Scattering Sources by Means of Particle Trapping

Arya Fallahi ETH Zurich

Mitigation of Beam Instabilities in the Echo-Enabled Harmonic Generation Beamline for FLASH2020+

Fabian Pannek University of Hamburg

Ringdown Measured in a Four-Bounce, 20 Meter Hard X-Ray Cavity

James MacArthur SLAC

Simulations of Beam Strikes on Advanced Photon Source Upgrade Collimators using FLASH, MARS, and elegant

Jeff Dooling ANL

First Results Operating a Long-Period EPU in Universal Mode at the Canadian Light Source

Ward A Wurtz Canadian Light Source

Eddy Current Effects on the Stored Beam Generated by the Pulsed Sextupole Magnet at KEK-PF

Hiroyuki Takaki KEK

Nucleation of single crystal photocathode on atomically thin graphene substrate using co-deposition of cesium telluride

Mengjia Gaowei BNL

High-Current H2+ Beams from a Compact Cyclotron using RFQ Direct Injection

Daniel Winklehner MIT

Fabrication and tuning of a THz-driven electron gun

Samantha Lewis SLAC

Intense Channeling Radiation as a Tool for a Hybrid Crystal-Based Positron Source for Future Colliders

Laura Bandiera INFN

High Transformer Ratio Plasma Wakefield Acceleration and Current Profile Reconstruction Using Emittance Exchange

Ryan Roussel Enrico Fermi Institute and Univeristy of Chicago

Commissioning of the Radioactive Ion Beam Transport System for ARIEL

Suresh Saminathan TRIUMF

SPIRAL2 MEBT commissioning results with protons and helium

Angie Orduz GANIL

Simulation and Experiments of Multi-Harmonics Buncher on SSC-Linac in HIRFL

Qi Yu Kong Institute of Modern Physics/Chinese Academy of Sciences

Beam Losses and emittance growth studies at the Record high space-charge dQ_SC in the Booster

Jeffrey Eldred FERMILAB

Development of an APF IH-DTL in the J-PARC Muon g-2/EDM Experiment

Yuga Nakazawa Ibaraki University

Transverse Beam Profile Measurements From Extraction Losses in the PS

James Hunt CERN

Coherent Excitations and Circular Attractors in Cooled Ion Bunches

Sergei Seletskiy BNL

Microbunching Instability in the Presence of Intrabeam Scattering for Single-Pass Accelerators

Cheng-Ying Tsai HUST

Measurements of Beam-Beam Interactions in Gear-Changing Collisions in DESIREE

Edith Anne Nissen JLAB

Loss of Transverse Landau Damping by Diffusion in High-Energy Hadron Colliders

Sondre Vik Furuseth CERN

A New Method of 2D Calculation of Coherent Synchrotron Radiation Wakefield in Relativistic Beams

Jingyi Tang SLAC

The Effect of Beam Velocity Distribution on Electron-Cooling at Elena

Bianca Veglia Cockcroft Institute

Beam Dynamics Study in a Dual Energy Storage Ring for Beam Cooling

Bhawin Dhital Old Dominion University

Driven 3D beam oscillations for optics measurements in synchrotrons

Lukas Malina CERN

Injector Optimization with 480 kV Electron Gun for IR-FEL Operation at the Compact ERL at KEK

Olga Tanaka KEK

Uncertainty Quantification for Virtual Diagnostic of Particle Accelerators

Adi Hanuka SLAC

Development of the prototype of the Cavity BPM system for SHINE

Jian Chen SSRF

Results of the First Alignment Run for Sirius, the new Brazilian Synchrotron

Rodrigo Leao SIRIUS

Inverse orbit response matrix measurements: a possible on-line tool for optics control in Storage Rings

Zeus Marti ALBA

Non-Invasive Dispersion Function Measurement during Light Source Operations

Boris Podobedov BNL

Non-Invasive Gas Jet In-Vivo Dosimetry for Particle Beam Therapy

Joseph Wolfenden University of Liverpool

Time-Resolved H- Beam Emittance Measurement at the SNS Linac Using a Laser Comb

Yun Liu ORNL

Electron Desorption From Porous Materials of Interest for Future Accelerators

Luisa Spallino INFN/LNF

Production and testing of NICA collider magnets

Dmitry Nikiforov Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR)

Newly Development of Ceramics Chamber with Integrated Pulsed Magnet for Super Narrow Bore in KEK-PF

Chikaori Mitsuda KEK

Design and Measurements of an X-Band 8 Mev Standing-Wave Electron Accelerator

Focheng Liu TUB

Visualizing lattice dynamic behavior by acquiring a single time-resolved MeV diffraction image

Xi Yang BNL

Modified Halbach Magnets for Emerging Accelerator Applications

Stephen Brooks BNL

Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment: Results & Prospects

Chris Rogers STFC/RAL/ISIS

Direct response time measurements on semiconductor photocathodes

Gregor Loisch DESY

Adaptive control of klystron operation parameters for energy saving at storage ring of TPS in NSRRC

Tsung-Chi Yu NSRRC

Neutrons for Today and Tomorrow - the HBS Project for Compact Accelerator Based Neutron Sources

Thomas Gutberlet FZ Jülich

Simulation of imaging using accelerated muon beams

Masashi Otani KEK