IPAC'21 Agenda - May 24-28, 2021

Please, check the program in your local timezone. Current timezone: Campinas
Time UTC-3 Monday (May 24) Tuesday (May 25) Wednesday (May 26) Thursday (May 27) Friday (May 28)
08:00 MO Poster A TU Poster A WE Poster A TH Poster A  
09:30 Opening  
10:00 MO Plenary 1 TU Plenary 1 Award Session TH Plenary 1 FR-I1 FR-I2 FR-I3
10:30 MO Plenary 2 TU Plenary 2 Industry Session TH Plenary 2 FR-C1 FR-C2 FR-C3
11:00 WISE TU-I1 TU-I2 TU-I3 WE-I1 WE-I2 WE-I3 TH-I1 TH-I2 TH-I3 FR Plenary 1
11:30 MO-I1 MO-I2 MO-I3 TU-C1 TU-C2 TU-C3 WE-C1 WE-C2 WE-C3 TH-C1 TH-C2 TH-C3 FR Plenary 2
12:00 MO Poster B TU Poster B WE Poster B TH Poster B Closing Plenary
12:30 Closing Remarks

Program remarks

Plenaries, WISE: Live talks
I1, I2, I3: Live Q&A sessions for pre-recorded Invited Talks with 3 speakers in each room
C1, C2, C3: Live Q&A sessions for pre-recorded Contributed Talks with 4 speakers in each room
Industry Session: Live Q&A session for pre-recorded talks with 3 speakers
Award Session: Live session with 3 award winners